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Howlett Integrative Cancer Care

Helping cancer patients and survivors increase immune function and decrease toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation treatment through telehealth
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Meet Kristie Howlett,

Oncology Nurse Practitioner

I am passionate about helping people optimize their health during and after cancer treatment, develop further resilience for life and improve day to day functioning.  Through a deep dive into your health, I explore in detail your story, health history, challenges and obstacles that prevent you from regaining your health. 

I believe that health is not just the absence of disease. Health is the ability to adapt to the demands placed upon us. It is the feeling of vitality, adaptability and energy to deal with the daily demands of life.  When we feel stronger and healthier it feels easier to live a more happy and abundant life.

I combine principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine to find and highlight possible underlying triggers and causes of your symptoms, side effects of treatment and discomfort. I will look at the possible nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms/illness. Upon completion of the deep dive into your health, I will then customize a health, restoration, recovery and resilience plan tailored to your specific needs as an individual. I make sure that the interventions are uniquely tailored to you. 

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Meet Kristie

Howlett Integrative Cancer Care

Helping cancer patients and survivors increase immune function and decrease toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation treatment through telehealth

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Why Integrative E-Care

Why Integrative Telemedicine?

Integrative cancer care is the perfect compliment to conventional cancer care and treatment. As a practitioner with twenty-five years of experience working with clients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I will help recommend and support your conventional cancer treatment with modalities, that focus on a terrain-based approach, that can help reduce side effects of treatment and promote immune function for improved health.

Telehealth is rapidly growing in healthcare. By taking a telemedicine approach, I can meet where it is convenient for you. This includes patients in rural or remote areas, clients with inflexible schedules and clients who are fearful of leaving home due to being immunocompromised and at high risk for infection.

Many clients going through chemotherapy and/or radiation find it difficult to travel to and from doctor visits. Because of this, care can become compromised. This is the biggest reason I have adopted a telemedicine model. It is so much easier to log on to your computer or pick up the phone where ever it is convenient for you and get the integrative treatment advice you need to feel better during and after the treatment process.


"Kristie assisted in walking beside my husband and I when he was diagnosed with GBM.  Kristie is not only extremely clinically competent, supporting & researching all treatment options we approached her with, she is also emotionally supportive. Kristie is such a bright light during a very dark time. She is calm, knowledgable, sensitive, intuitive and most importantly, she meets you where you're at. She was a necessary grounding team member. I strongly recommend you utilize Kristie's qualities as part of your clinical team as she will always meet you where you are at."

— Laurie G.

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